Lucy & Jo with Friends


Lucy & Jo with friends is our collaboration with artists across Kenya and Uganda to create beautiful lifestyle accessories for you and thriving livelihoods for them. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design we serve as a channel for these talented artists to access a larger market. We know the people behind our products, regularly visit their workshops & communities and, when needed, provide support with tools, equipment or training.

Dawson S. - Uganda

Wood Jewelry ~ Individual artist

Dawson has been a wood carver for over ten years. Once he carves the shape, each piece has to dry outside for seven days. They are then finished with three different layers of sanding from coarse to fine. While he works with multiple wood types, we only commission pieces crafted from sustainably harvested woods like fast-growing pine and eucalyptus.

When we first met Dawson, he was using two nails hammered into a log to secure the wood while sawing, carving or using his chisel. At one point during filming (video coming soon) he actually removed his shoe and started using his foot as an additional grip! Needless to say, we immediately went out and purchased a proper vice for Dawson.