Twigs - Brass

twig brass_smsq.jpg
twig brass_smsq.jpg

Twigs - Brass


Sometimes a simple silhouette is all you need. We love the delicate length and how they catch the light with movement. 

While we describe them as simple, there's actually 9 different steps in the making of each pair! Each step is meticulously hand-crafted in our Los Angeles studio. 

Length: 3"

Materials: Brass & Gold fill


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We use gold fill for the earring wire. It is made in the USA of brass and gold and is nickel free. 

Why do we use brass? The great thing about brass is that is has the appearance of gold without the price of gold. Brass is made by combining the base metals, copper and zinc. It is industry standard to use recycled copper and zinc by melting down scraps and reusing the original metals. So while we are buying our brass wire as 'new' it is made of recycled elements. 

Unlike gold, brass will patina over time. We provide a polishing cloth but jewelry cleaner also works very well. For a natural solution, soak in a mix of lemon juice and water. This method works best when there is only very mild oxidation.