Lucy & Jo and CERESAV

On August 25th, 2018 we hosted a fundraiser in Santa Fe, NM for the Ugandan non-profit, CERESAV, the Center for Rehabilitation of Survivors of Acid Violence. CERESAV founder, Hanifa Nakiryowa, was our special guest, sharing her extraordinary story of survival, healing and ultimately, empowerment.

Our goal for the evening was to raise $6,000 to cover four months of medical expenses for three women currently in the hospital and we are thrilled to announce we raised over $9,000 and the donations are still coming! The need is ongoing so we will be keeping this page up. CERESAV is sponsored by the 501c3, Social Good Fund so you will receive a tax deductible receipt. Thank you so much for your generosity!

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About Hanifa Nakiryowa

Hanifa is an extraordinary woman who has overcome unthinkable circumstances to not only thrive but to use her personal experience as a voice for all women.

In addition to several international awards, on June 27, 2018, she received the 'Imagine' award from Halle Berry and the Jenesse Center in Los Angeles for her remarkable accomplishments against overwhelming odds. 

Arriving in the U.S. in 2015, Hanifa recently completed a Master's in International Development & Human Securities Studies and now lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her two daughters. She works at the Jewish Healthcare Foundation as their Global Health Associate. You can follow Hanifa on Facebook and Instagram: @hanifa.nakiryowa 


CERESAV is a Ugandan non-profit working to raise awareness around acid violence, advocate for inclusion and minority rights, and promote socioeconomic sustainability among burn violence survivors in Uganda. They also provide direct services to survivors in the hospital through their support of medical expenses. Currently, the Executive Director, Justine Mpagi (pictured), works on a volunteer basis with all financial support going directly to survivors and the direct care of a baby whose mother succumbed to her injuries last year. Learn more HERE

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Lucy & Jo and CERESAV

Lucy first met Justine (pictured above) during her 2017 sourcing trip to Uganda. We began selling baskets woven by survivors and donating the profits back to the organization. Lucy then met Hanifa (pictured left) in May 2017 and the connection was instant. Hanifa's strength & joy was an inspiration and we knew then a commitment to CERESAV was just the beginning. 

Current fundraising efforts are to support three women currently in the hospital: Maggie Nalumansi, Jane Kyazike and Lydia Nampijja. Meet the women here. The average hospital stay is six months with average monthly expenses around $500. Please consider a donation to help us support these women for longer than four months. Thank you!