2017 Impact Report

Here's what happens when you dare to believe how you shop can change the world (hint: it's pretty amazing)...

In 2017, we donated 15% of our total revenue to the following non-profits and projects: 
Gorilla Doctors  (@gorilladoctors)
CERESAV (@ceresav_)
Free the Slaves (@freetheslaves)
Myende Hygeine Project

We also donated an additional $3,284 (retail value) of handmade goods to support non-profit fundraisers for Gorilla Doctors and the Fair Trade Fashion Show (@fairtradefashionshow).

Thanks to your purchases in 2017, our jewelry partners in Kenya hired two new jewelers and the Kyamaleera Women's group in Uganda started a savings and micro-loan program. As a result, they are starting small businesses and younger women in the group are moving into leadership roles. Read more about these amazing ladies & see the products they make for us. #empoweringwomen

Meet Ruth, Amina and Regina (above: left to right) of the Myende Women's Handicraft Association in Uganda. They are a small group of five making our drawstring jewelry bags. Last year, Ruth needed a life-saving surgery. Thanks to your purchases and a private donor, we funded the surgery and her post-operative care. Read more about this resilient group. #payitforward

Looking Forward. We are excited to bring you new collections of ethically handmade, limited edition and one-of-a-kind goods this year and thank you for supporting our work! We're also developing some new projects & collaborations we think you'll love and will inspire you to #goexploring #makefriends and #elevateothers. Come exploring with us on Instagram & Facebook: @lucyandjoexploring