Well, Hello There Lucy & Jo!

For those of you not familiar with Lucy & Jo, we wanted to share our vision with you and why we are in business. We are incredibly grateful for people like you supporting our goods and mission. Feel free to ask questions, push back or contact us to get more involved with our work.

Sincerely, Lucy & Jo

What we Stand for at Lucy & Jo

1. Build a Profitable, Sustainable Business with Social Good as its Core: We believe it is absolutely possible to empower people and make money at the same time. It's why we chose to become a for-profit business and how we hope to disrupt the traditional supply chain that often puts people and the environment last.

2. Recognize Potential that can Transform Poverty into Prosperity: We seek out talented individuals who create amazing goods. It is a mutually beneficial transaction where we receive wonderful products to sell and they gain access to a significantly larger market. We also pay a thriving wage, provide tools & training, invest in community development projects and partner with non-profits.    

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3. Save Animals by Helping Reduce Human-Wildlife Conflict: How does this relate? Lucy started on this journey because of her deep love of mountain gorillas but realized until people are given the opportunity to build alternative incomes that do not rely on the forests where animals live, the animals will always be at risk.  Are we going to 'save' the animals by selling handmade goods? Certainly not directly, but it's worth a shot and it's one approach to a complex challenge. 

4. Create Beauty: We search for the most beautiful handmade goods to bring you joy (see #5)

5. Spread Joy: Well, why not? 

6. Make Friends: Duh.  

7. Go Exploring: Curiosity sparks passion and leads to action. Go today!