Lucy & Jo with Friends


Lucy & Jo with friends is our collaboration with artists across Kenya and Uganda to create beautiful lifestyle accessories for you and thriving livelihoods for them. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design we serve as a channel for these talented artists to access a larger market. We know the people behind our products, regularly visit their workshops & communities and, when needed, provide support with tools, equipment or training.

Kyamaleera Women’s Craft Association - Uganda

Baskets & Embroidered Pillows ~ Employs 26 Women

Kyamaleera (ch-I-ah-mah-lay-lah) is a community association of women artisans working together to develop alternative incomes using traditional skills. While they gather for meetings and occasionally to work together, most of the time they weave or embroider from home whenever they can find a free moment between caring for children, cooking, cleaning, harvesting or collecting water. 

They also happen to live in a rural community surrounding a small patch of private forest where a wild population of 300 chimpanzees struggles to survive. In partnership with the Ugandan-based Chimpanzee Trust, we are working with these women to increase their access to a larger market so they can build sustainable livelihoods for their families that do not depend on the slash and burn agriculture currently threatening the chimpanzees.