Lucy & Jo with Friends


Lucy & Jo with friends is our collaboration with artists across Kenya and Uganda to create beautiful lifestyle accessories for you and thriving livelihoods for them. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design we serve as a channel for these talented artists to access a larger market. We know the people behind our products, regularly visit their workshops & communities and, when needed, provide support with tools, equipment or training.

Momma Teo - Uganda

Placemats & Table Runners Employs 10 women

Momma Teo and her team of ten weavers create the vibrant runners and placemats you’ll find in our tabletop section. Using traditional handlooms, each piece requires the individual threads to be hand-fed through 300 metal ‘teeth’ before weaving can begin. This first step takes a full day. 

As a widow caring for several children, Momma Teo believes it is important to empower women in her community with skills to earn income, be independent and provide for their children.