How you Shop can Change the World

We sell beautifully handmade goods that bring you joy and build thriving livelihoods. 

Lucy & Jo started from Amy's work studying gorillas, her love of Africa and a belief in the power of business to solve social challenges. Watch the short video below, produced by CityStyleMe.

We Give 5% to Gorilla Doctors

The biggest threat to the long-term survival of gorillas is human population growth. But, until people have the opportunity to build livelihoods that do not rely on the forest where gorillas live, the animals will always be at risk and people remain economically impoverished. Learn more about the work of Gorilla Doctors.

Ethical Sourcing Creates Thriving Livelihoods

So we travel to East Africa in search of talented individuals who make amazing goods. 90% of the artisans we work with are women who invest in their children's education & nutrition. When girls stay in school longer, marry later and have fewer children they can break the cycle of poverty. Meet the Artisans 

You Make all of this Possible

Every time you purchase from Lucy & Jo, you set-off a powerful ripple effect that empowers women and helps save gorillas. Start Shopping Now 


Amy Bond

(Also answers to ‘Lucy’)
Amy first traveled to Kenya at 19 to study wildlife biology and immediately fell in love with the people and their use of adornment to record and pass down their stories. In graduate school she returned to Africa studying gorillas and primate conservation but couldn’t ignore her love of the people or the potential of their art as a pathway out of poverty.

She left grad school to pursue market-based approaches to solving social challenges, working in fair trade, start-ups and nonprofits for the next 15 years before starting Lucy & Jo. Work with Amy.

Joann Schilling

 (Also answers to ‘Jo’ or ‘Mom’)
Joann is a lifelong entrepreneur starting with a floral design business in the 1970s. When her children started school she began college, eventually launching an interior design firm where she worked with clients across the country for thirty years.  

Today, she brings that same eye for design to each Lucy & Jo creation. As Mom, she is responsible for teaching Lucy everything she knows about design, creativity and being a girl boss (P.S. It’s all about color, texture, pattern, proportion & attitude).