Lucy & Jo with Friends


Lucy & Jo with friends is our collaboration with artists across Kenya and Uganda to create beautiful lifestyle accessories for you and thriving livelihoods for them. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design we serve as a channel for these talented artists to access a larger market. We know the people behind our products, regularly visit their workshops & communities and, when needed, provide support with tools, equipment or training.

Threads of Blessing - Uganda

Embroidered Pillows ~ Employs 8 Women

The group motto for the women of Threads of Blessings is: “Through our hands we can do anything” and with their hands they create the most incredible embroidered folk art. Each of their pillows is one-of-a-kind, fully imagined by the artist and hand-embroidered after drawing their design on the fabric. They were originally creating only large-scale pieces that could take as long as six months to complete and often would not sell within their local market. By introducing them to the concept of decorative pillows (not common in Uganda), they are able to create more designs in less time leading to a more consistent and stable means of income.